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February 17, 2018 10:02 PM

Augustana Sees Increase In Enrollment

Last week, we showed you how the University of Sioux Falls was seeing a jump in enrollment, thanks to the drop in tuition.

Saturday  we're learning that USF isn't the only local school seeing a boost in student numbers!
"Our freshman class was the largest since 1978. And we're running ahead in applications this year, about 10-percent. And our admitted students are also ahead by about 15-percent," said Nancy Davidson, Augustana Vice President for Enrollment. 

One of the reasons they believe they're having this success is because of events like this, the Experience Expo. Which helps connect students with experiences like internships or job opportunities. 

"Each professor I've had up to this semester knows me by name and will stop and talk to me on the sidewalk and they provide us multiple networking opportunities. Even in my accounting class they're recruiting out of sophomore year," said Augustana Sophomore, Ashley Glanzer."

In 2017, Augustana had a 99-percent job placement rate for graduates.
Something these future employees don't take lightly.

"I think in everyone's mind, if you go to college you probably should be thinking about if you're going to get a job once you graduate," said Glanzer. 

Augie faculty believe graduating from a college to university, more marketing and their tradition of a solid education, will keep them competitive with other schools making headlines.

"There have been other schools across the country who have also done tuition resets. Some successfully, some not successfully. So I think what we really try to convey to families is still net price," said Davidson.

Davidson also tells us the school works hard to get students scholarships, in order to keep their education reasonably priced.

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