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March 14, 2018 06:07 PM

Beresford Students Remember Florida Victims

Beresford, SD

Tens of thousands of students spent the day out of the classroom, as they demanded something be done to stop school shootings.
Beresford students held their own demonstration, while also honoring the victims of the Florida school shooting.

They can't be here to hear the silence. 

So Beresford students are sending the victims of the Florida school shooting a gift they can catch. 

"We're releasing different colored balloons, which each have a different significance," Beresford Senior Tianna Schlup said.

17 for each person killed. 

"This is simply a day to honor those who died," Beresford Senior Tianna Schlup said.

Tianna Schlup is the student body president at Beresford. 

She knows now the real meaning of a student body. It's one that expands far beyond her South Dakota school.

"It was really scary, just seeing that, and seeing kids my age, and other kids all in our age are going through something like this," Schlup said. 

Which is why Tianna says it's important, on this day, to remember the students.

"It's nothing to do with anything else, it's just to remember those, and honor those, and make sure they're never forgotten," Schlup said. 

While students across the country protested for safer schools, these kids gave a gift no one can disagree with. 

A message from all of us down here--that they wish they didn't have to send by balloon. 

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