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May 11, 2018 06:16 PM

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Students Learn About Aviation

Eagle Butte, SD

Students at one KELOLAND school are taking flight in their education. It's all thanks to a partnership between the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and South Dakota State University. 

High School students at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte are taking off and learning about aviation during school. Sophomore Amanda Vines is getting a hands-on experience by trying out SDSU's flight simulator.

"I thought I was going to crash, because it's actually harder than you think it is, and it's kind of like driving a car, but different because it's sensitive when you turn," sophomore Amanda Vines said.

Not only did students get to try out flight simulators, but also take flight with SDSU Aviation Program instructors.

"It was a lot tighter and more confined than any other plane I've been in. We got to go zero gravity so that was pretty cool," junior, Genevieve Iron Lightning said.

The goal of these activities is to let students know about opportunities for education after high school.

"These programs or careers like these are available, and they just have to reach out and want to do it, and go ahead and do it," event organizer Sam Dupris said.

Leaving these students knowing more about what the future can hold.

"These guys coming and teaching us and getting us interested, and if somebody is interested, that would be a good start," Vines said.

Dupris says he hopes they will be able to grow this partnership across South Dakota.

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