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February 20, 2018 06:08 PM

Dakota Weslyan University's Partnership With Apple Embraces Next Generation Education

Mitchell, SD

This fall, students at Dakota Wesleyan University will become even more tech savvy. 

"We want to create opportunities at our university that not everybody is experiencing," Dean of Admissions and Marketing Fredel Thomas said.

Digital DWU launched last week. Thomas already expects it to change the way students think of school. 

"We're choosing this method of next generation education," Thomas said.

The partnership with Apple is giving the university a step up when it comes to using technology in the classroom. All full-time, on-campus students will get an iPad in the fall.

"When we study for tests using it, it's a lot easier than going through a normal text book and you have all those links directly in the text book rather than having to go out and search for them. All the information is right there," student Brady Hicks said. 

"I've never had an Apple product before so this is all new for me. It's been so exciting learning how to run it. There's so many cool things we can do in the classroom, pushing stuff to each other and AirDropping. It's just been really fun," student Maria Khonen said. 

These students got early access to work with the iPad not only in the classroom but to also see how technology is applied to athletic training as a profession.

"Obviously going into the health care field, everything is online now. Patient files, medical records, everything is technology," Khonen said. 

Administrators say professors are trained to use the new technology and are creating goals moving forward. 

"To make sure every student that graduates from DWU is having a great experience and are leaving with the knowledge that they need to be successful," Thomas said. 

Thomas says tuition will not go up because of the partnership, there will however be a small fee for the iPads in the fall. 

More about Digital DWU.

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