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October 06, 2017 05:05 PM

New Report Shows Increases In SD Teacher Salaries

For decades, South Dakota has been home to the nation's lowest teacher pay.  That's not the case anymore. 

In 2016, South Dakota lawmakers decided to increase education funding so districts could raise teacher salaries to what they referred to as a "respectful level" or an average of $48,500.

A report released Friday shows that more districts are not only meeting that level, they are exceeding it. 

The best-paying district is Douglas in Box Elder, where the average teacher now makes nearly $55,000 per year.  

The lowest salaries are in Rutland, where the average teacher makes less than $36,000. On a positive note, that's 13 percent more than last year. 

Here's a look at the average pay in South Dakota's largest districts:

Sioux Falls Public Schools pay teachers an average of $51,000 - a more than nine percent increase. 

The average teacher in Rapid City makes about $300 more - thanks to a 12 percent raise.  

Meanwhile, the salary average statewide is up by nearly nine percent. 

That puts average teacher pay just over $45,600.

Review all the numbers online.

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