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November 09, 2017 06:04 PM

O'Gorman Raising Money For Teacher Fighting Cancer

A chemistry teacher at O'Gorman is resuming her battle against cancer. Julie Benson was first diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer during the last school year while she was pregnant with her now eight-month old son Alex.  Benson thought she had beaten it, but doctors found cancer again at a recent checkup.  Students and staff are now rushing to raise money for the Benson family while the teacher undergoes more surgery and chemo. 

Channing Bentz has been in Mrs. Benson's chemistry classes for two straight years. 

"It was bummer really. She had gone through chemo already and then now that it's recurred, it's just kind of sad because of what she's done already to fix it," Bentz said. 

That's why he and nine others, a mix of students and staff, are getting tangled up in an important fundraising competition. Whoever is a cut above and raises the most money will have their head shaved in front of the entire school. 

Starr: At first I had doubts but it's for a good cause. So I had to say yes.

Matt Holsen: What did you have doubts about?

Starr: Just doubts about how it would look and how a shaved head is going to look on me in the winter. But I think hats are going to become one of my best friends.

Holsen: You know how cold it gets here?

I do yes, and I'm going to find out here.

In addition to a new do, any contestant who has at least $774, which is the number of students at O'Gorman, dropped in their bucket will also join in on the fun. A good time that will make a serious difference for the Benson family. 

"When somebody in our community is in need and needs our help, people really rally around each other and do whatever we can to try and help that person. The support we've seen come through in just two days now for Mrs. Benson has been amazing for us to see," Anderson said. 

The group has already brought in more than $1,000 in just two days. Bentz has never shaved his head before. 

Holsen: Do you think you're going to get targeted for this?  

Bentz: Yeah. All my friends think it would be really funny to see me bald so I'll probably end up having to shave it. 

He's okay with that as long as it helps a fellow member of the O'Gorman community. A group anxious to have Mrs. Benson back on campus. 

"We're trying our best to raise funds and just keep your head up," Starr said. 

The contest ends on November 22. It includes two students from every grade level and two faculty members. Mrs. Benson is currently recovering from surgery at a hospital in Omaha. 

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