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May 18, 2017 05:15 PM

Science Meets Lunch At Oscar Howe

Science meets lunch for students at Oscar Howe Elementary. The kids have been learning about alternative ways to grow plants.

If you don't know what Hydroponics is, don't worry. A fifth grader can teach you.

"Hydroponics is where you grow plants from water, without soil and then you use nutrients to grow it," Selina Rydell, 5th grade student, said. 

Linda Pinz-Valdez's 5th grade class not only learned the definition of Hydroponics, they also got hands-on experience growing their own dirt-less garden.

"What kind of lights we needed. What kind of nutrients plants needed. It's been amazing," Pinz-Valdez said.

"It was fun and well, kind of hard at the same time because when we first put them in there we didn't really know how much PH and PPM and nutrients we had to do," Jasmine Gillick, 5th grade student, said. 

After some trial and error, they finally figured it out.

On Thursday, the students got to sample their hard work by harvesting some of the plants. While most of the kids enjoyed their leafy greens, not everyone was impressed. 

"We have a few students that have had it and are like, 'Yeah that's not for me.' And I think that's great because they're learning what they like and they don't like," Pinz-Valdez said. 

They also learned valuable lessons about the benefits of growing your own food. Whether that be in the ground or in a tub.

"I could eat that instead of like wasting money going to the grocery store to buy things. You can easily grow it with very less cost," Rydell said.

The students got to taste spinach and lemon basil Thursday. On Friday, the students will dissect the plants to see the root structure and measure the plants to learn more about the scientific process.

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