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December 19, 2017 04:20 PM

TX Student's Letter To Santa Brings Worldwide Response

A first grade teacher in Texas asked students to write to Santa Claus with Christmas requests; one student's simple letter is getting a lot of response from people who read it online. 

"This Christmas, I would like a ball and food. I need a blanket," seven-year-old Crystal Pacheco wrote.   

The teacher's lesson on the difference between wants and needs stuck with her young students. But she never expected her students wanted something as simple as food. 

"I started reading them and it's like I did not expect her to say, 'I need food. I want food but I need a blanket more.' And I asked, 'Well, why do you need a blanket more than the food?'  'Well, I get to eat at school. Sometimes I may not have at home but I get to eat at school.  A blanket I have one, but it's not warm enough,'" teacher Ruth Espiricueta said to KGBT

Since the letter was posted on social media, hundreds of donations have come in.  According to CNN, the school surpassed its initial goal of 724 blankets, which means every student will get one.  Blankets have come from as far away as New Zealand and Germany.

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