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March 20, 2018 10:10 PM

A Trip To The Mud Hole

Rapid City, SD

What first started out as a thrift and antique store in downtown Rapid City, has since grown to much more. 

It's called the Mud Hole.

"We are kind of a different concept, we just wanted an off the wall name, something that's fun, something that sticks with you, different," owner Teresa Roland said.

Teresa Roland and her husband David run the Mud Hole, which combines an antique and thrift store, and a café.  But it didn't always start out that way.

"I had second hand clothes in here and little knick knacks, odds and ends, and a few furniture items, and the clothes weren't really pushing much. We decided to flip the second room there into a kitchen, and started food, and had a card table and chairs set up over here, and it started going like crazy. So we decided to make it half café and put seating in here and kind of took off from there," Teresa said.

Both Teresa and her husband have prior experience in food service, but Teresa had always wanted a thrift store.

"Ever since I was a kid, always been on the lookout for cool items, when my mom said we were going yard sale-ing for the day, my butt was the first one in the car with my change bag to go. I loved it," Teresa said.

Eventually Teresa agreed to combine the food and the antiques.

"At first it was a no, I got the look, but after some talking it was feasible and it turned out great. And now we're having fun and it's a great experience," David Roland said.

The couple serves up breakfast and lunch items, such as the 'Mud Bog,' 'Mud Muffin,' and 'Mud Splat.'

"All straight home cooked, it's our flavors, our own little twists on everything, but everything is from scratch, cooked daily," David said.

That's enough to attract customers, including Nathan Lynum.

"I was out walking one day, and I saw the café sign and looked inside and I saw it was also kind of an antiques thing and thrift shop and so it was an interesting combination and came in and the food is good, so continue on coming here," Lynum said.

 According to Teresa and David, their best seller is what's called the 'Mud Bog,' eggs, potatoes, and cheese, stuffed between two biscuits, smothered in gravy.  

"We have already accumulated quite a few regular customers in here, they're in here once or twice a week getting their biscuits and gravy, they tend to tell us that our gravy is our blood of the restaurant," Teresa said.

"If it wasn't for our regulars, for the community of Rapid City, we wouldn't be, that's been a huge support for us is the community, and regulars, and word of mouth," David said.

While the owners enjoy what they're doing now, they are looking forward to the future.

"We may end up expanding, the café kind of took over more of the second hand items, but I will not go full blown café. I love the concept of having both, I have not yet seen one in Rapid that I know of doing this, so we like to keep our kind of unique concept going," Teresa Roland said.

The Mud Hole of the Black Hills is open 7 to 2 Monday through Saturday. We've also provided a link to the Facebook page.

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