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March 01, 2018 10:00 PM

Digging Into Development

Sioux Falls

East-side or west-side, whichever you call home, some big changes are happening in Sioux Falls. 

A record year of growth in 2017 is setting up the city for an even bigger year of building in 2018. With $720 million in building permits last year, some changes are already taking shape.

But how does development differ on the East and West Sides? 

Open lands full of opportunity. That's at least what Raquel Blount thinks. 

"You have a little bit more of the rolling hills and some of the landscape so you have opportunities for very nice neighborhoods on the East Side," said Blount. 

The Vice President of Commercial Real Estate at Lloyd Companies says housing will be the next thing to come to the East Side. 

"The housing always comes first. Generally, the retailer isn't the pioneer, other than like a Walmart, but generally, you have to have that good population and traffic counts, and then you start to see that infill of the services," Blount said. 

While shopping locations like Dawley Farms does provide some retail for East-Siders, Blount says it's meant to be a shopping destination for out-of-towners. 

And a major state road project could help toward that goal.

"Really a key factor is going to be the new interchange that will link Highway 100 to I-90. We see that as a huge benefit and the growth of that entire corridor," said Blount. 

While retail is still on the back-burner for much of the East Side, that's not the case across town. 

"Historically, the West Side has been a little bit undeserved. As close as they are to the mall, they still like to have things in the neighborhood," said Steve Van Buskirk. 

Van Buskirk with VanBuskirk Companies says a large part of West-Side development is focused on providing amenities for residents on that side of town. 

"Our job as developers is to find those locations and create those opportunities so business owners can go over there on the commercial side, open up a business and give a little bit better service to the people whether it be an eye doctor or a dentist or whoever it might be," Van Buskirk said. 

One major development, Lake Lorraine, does that, but like Dawley Farms, it also was built to be a regional destination.

"Lake Lorraine itself is balancing the needs between neighborhood services and regional shopping services," said Van Buskirk. 

While Van Buskirk admits the West Side is home to the Empire Mall which does provide amenities, strip malls with restaurants and one-stop shops are still needed.

"So they don't have to go into the big shopping areas and things are easy and accessible for them to get to. Neighborhood services is the general realm for those type of items," Van Buskirk said. 

President of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Jason Ball says while the City's sides may be growing at different paces, overall growth is still strong.

"Obviously you've got areas like Lake Lorraine and Dawley Farms that are doing some exciting things. But really if you look at the project announcements even that just came out in 2017, or what we know are going to happen, it really is the entire city that's encompassed by these pretty exciting trends," said Ball. 

While developments are filling in what used to be empty parts of town, Ball expects city limits to keep growing. 

"But as we're also seeing in several parts of town, we're having that outside on -the-perimeter growth and that's a good thing too," Ball said. 

So whichever side you call home, something new is likely popping up near you. 

"We continue to just make these strategic investments  and I think that combined with the economic growth that we're seeing has really made Sioux Falls a strong powerhouse right now," said Ball. 

Blount says three new plots for housing are soon to be announced on the East Side. 

As for shopping on the West Side, DSW in the Lake Lorraine complex is slated to open on March 15.

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