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October 11, 2017 10:00 PM

Top Growing, Dying Careers

You go to college to ultimately land a job and make money, but some of you could be chasing dying careers.

Because of a quickly changing retail landscape and the digital world, some fields are losing jobs quickly.

Here's a look at the top growing and dwindling careers.

30-year-old Trevor Patch can't say he's always wanted to be a web developer because the career didn't even exist when he was born.

"Even from five years ago, it was almost a completely different field," Patch said.

Web development is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand occupations. The field is expected to grow 27 percent in the next ten years.

"Obviously, the Internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. There's always going to be more and more websites that are needed for companies and individuals," Patch said.

Another career that has a sweet outlook? Vet technicians.

"There are a ton of vet clinics in town, and it's constantly growing," Laura Reimnitz said.

Reimnitz is a registered vet tech at Best Care Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls. Over the next decade the need for employees with her skills is expected to increase more than 50 percent.

"We get to do a wide variety of things. That's what drew me to the career. Not only do we help out with restraint while the doctor does the exam, we do a lot more behind the scenes work," Laura Reimnitz said.

While the future looks bright for vet techs, some careers are going to the dogs. Those include mail carriers, along with some positions in the retail and office sectors.

"I would say anything that doesn't use technology is probably fading away," Augustana Business Professor Jaciel Keltgen said.

Keltgen sees two main areas of growth: medical specialties and careers related to commercial growth.

"Anything to do with building buildings and getting them ready to go," Keltgen said.

For example, carpenters, brick masons and plumbers are all in the top ten growing careers list.

"We still need people to build windows and place the windows in the buildings. We still need commercial brokers," Keltgen said.

On the healthcare side you'll find the need for more personal care aides and home health aides, along with physical therapist assistants and marriage therapists.

"I think it's more acceptable and covered more often by insurance. I think balancing two careers and having children in lots of activities stresses out a marriage or partnership," Keltgen said.

In addition to pursuing a career that will ultimately land a job, it's also important to look for a field you'll love.

"I just have such a passion for these animals. They give us so much companionship and love. They don't care how bad our day was. They're there to greet us," Reimnitz said.

"Launching that new website that you're proud of, and it has that moment where it's new and fresh, and everyone is proud of it," Patch said.

A proud moment in a growing career.

Also on the list of fastest-growing career fields? Mental health counselors, medical scientists and bicycle repairers.

You can find the full report here.


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