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November 09, 2017 06:13 PM

A Salon Special Unlike The Others

Sioux Falls, SD

Heading to a salon is typically to treat yourself, whether it be a manicure or hair service.

But one cosmetologist in Sioux Falls wants her services to benefit more than just her clients. 

Many salons in Sioux Falls offer different discounts and deals to their clients to keep up with competition. So what makes this discount any different?

"I brought a couple different kinds of soup, cereal, peanut butter, potatoes," Karin Weeg said.

For this special deal, you'll want to bring some food... for The Food Pantry, that is. 

"She sent me at text saying that she was running this special, and I totally believe that The Food Pantry helps people so I jumped on board," Weeg said. 
Brooklin Pirrung, Owner of Meraki Salon in Sioux Falls says with the holidays coming up, she wanted to help out the community.

By bringing in just five food items, you can receive five percent off any service. 

"Every time that I choose my specials for the month I try and do something fun and different for my clients, so that it's not just your usual $10 off, you know," Pirrung said. 

You have from now until the end of December to bring in food items for a maximum of 20 percent off of any service.

And after only nine days of running the special, Pirrung is seeing a great turnout.

"I've actually got quite a bit of stuff. I just have a bin to fill up and they can bring in whatever they want. I posted a list on my Facebook page just to give them an idea," Pirrung said.

"It helps people that really need help when they are down," Weeg said. 

It's a discount that's benefiting everyone involved, and has clients leaving feeling happy about more than just saving some money.

If you don't need a salon service at this moment but would still like to donate, gift certificates will be given out for use at a later date. Go to Studio Meraki's Facebook page and send a message or call/text (605) 610-7772 to get in contact with the salon.

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