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January 05, 2018 06:11 PM

At Home Gym Or Membership?

Between work and taking care of kids, at times squeezing in a workout can seem almost impossible.

That's the reason some people choose to build an at-home gym. 

Abby Gramlick-Mueller says fitness has always been a part of her lifestyle, which is why she built an at-home gym about a year ago. 

"I can wake up at six, jump on the treadmill and be ready for work by 7:15, without leaving the house. So, it's very convenient," Gramlick-Mueller said.

Gramlick-Mueller has no complaints about her at-home gym and feels that it helps push her to get some exercise. 

"It takes away those barriers in terms of I don't have time, you know, can't fit it into my life," Gramlick-Mueller said. 

Now you don't have to have a huge space for an at-home gym. Even a small area with a treadmill and some weights will work just as well.

Although at home gyms may be more convenient, some prefer making the trip outside of their home instead. 

"I like the socialization of a lot of people, and I love playing basketball here. I can't do that obviously when it's snowing outside. I love the variety of different machines," Collins said.

Rayden Collins says he finds more motivation when he's surrounded by others getting a workout in, and that there's easier access to a trainer. 

"Whenever I'm stumped and I want something new to do I just go to a trainer, I ask them what a good workout for which body group I'm doing that day, and they fix one up for me," Collins said. 

So if you're looking for convenience, an at-home gym may be the route to go. 

But if you're lacking in motivation, signing up for a gym membership and seeking help from a trainer may be more beneficial. 

Grimlick-Mueller says if you're not sure if a home gym is right for you, start simple and grow your gym as your needs increase. 

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