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May 16, 2018 06:15 PM

Barre Class: What To Expect

When you think of ballet, you probably don't imagine loud music and weight lifting.

But in one fitness class, that's exactly what you can expect. 

At first glance you may not think a Barre class is tough enough for you. 

But after three years, Anna Crittenden says her body tells a different story. 

"I've seen a lot of results. Like I feel like my arms are stronger, my legs are stronger," Crittenden said.

The low impact fitness class focuses on toning and sculpting with the help of small weights and ballet moves, typically avoiding cardio. 

"We call it the ballerina class because you know, you do weird moves. If you would walk by the class you would be like what move are they doing?" Crittenden said. 

While these weights may look small participants say you'll feel the burn. 

"We've actually had a guy come one time and try to have 10 pound weights and all of us girls were laughing because we're like, you won't be able to do that... and he probably lasted two minutes and finally went and got three pound weights," Crittenden said.

Though mostly attracting women, the class is for anyone and requires no prior experience.

Class instructor Dani Bigge says the class is meant to target muscles you may have a hard time working out through a treadmill or other machines. 

"Small tiny movements with small weights, just really isolating muscle movements and different muscle areas you probably didn't even know you had until they hurt the next day," Bigge said. 

"Like especially in the front of your legs and the back of your legs, you're like, I didn't even know I had that muscle," Crittenden said.

Bigge says the Barre is meant to help participants keep their balance in order to use proper form.

"Barre is about form and so those nice graceful movements and long legs and pointed toes, that all plays a vital role in getting the proper Barre workout," Dani Bigge said. 

"You do use it, and you kind of have to go up on your tippy toes and stick your legs out... and you do a lot of weird moves that you would not normally do in a normal gym," Crittenden said.

To find out when the next barre class is scheduled, click here. 

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