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May 15, 2017 06:21 PM

Bike To Work Week

Despite the gloomy weather, it's a perfect week to trade in your car tires for some bike wheels. It's National Bike to Work Week.

"Every day there is different businesses doing different things, giving away coffee and donuts and treats. The three bike shops in town are each doing a special event," Falls Area Bicyclist President Chris Parsley said

Parsley says riding your bike to work is a good idea for both employees and employers.

"Employees are in better health. They are more focused when they get to work, they are happier than when they drive and that stuff. Cycling will help decrease health costs," Parsley said

If you're thinking about riding your bike to work in place of your usual mode of transportation, you can get an extra boost from local businesses that are taking part including Queen City Bakery where employees will give you a free beverage to stay hydrated or warm up on your ride.

Personal trainer Megan Peterson with Active Spine is happy to take part in bike to work week.

"I actually compete in triathlons, so biking to work is just an easy way to get in my miles," personal trainer Megan Peterson said

Peterson and other employees from Active Spine thought it would be a good idea to join in as a business as well. So she's been putting together quick videos on the company's Facebook page that feature stretching ideas before you hop on your bike.

"We are a sedentary population, so we are already in a sitting position and then you go on a bike and you are even more in a sitting position, so we see a lot of back pain and back injuries with that," Peterson said

Peterson says if you want to bike to work this week and haven't been riding a lot, just ease yourself into it. 

Bike to Work Week lasts through Friday.

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