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May 08, 2018 06:12 PM

Dancing Into Fitness

If you're feeling tired of your workout routine, there's one fitness class that may pique your interest. 

Just as long as you're prepared for loud music and fun dance moves.

"If you like to dance then you'd love KDanze," Barbara Muller said.  

Muller has been enjoying this upbeat class since it started 10 years ago.  She says the best part may be that you don't even have to know how to dance. 

"You know it's got a little bit of everything. Little bit of weightlifting, good stretching, and then just activity to music," Muller said. 

Instructor Jenna Walz with Sanford Wellness says the class used to be known as jazzercise, but has since made some major changes. 

"I do the choreography and can pick out my own music now," Walz said.

Full of dance moves and different genres of music, the class pulls in people from all ages and genders. 

"I'm going to have knee surgery next week because I have arthritis in there. I can do the low impact, and some people are in there jumping all over the place. You can just do what you can do," Muller said. 

While it may look like just a fun time, Walz says it'll get your heart rate pumping.

"We work the abs, we work the legs, you're working your brain trying to figure out the moves," Walz said. 

And don't worry if you don't know the moves! Instructors say they're taught in every class and easily picked up.

Muller says she's never had a problem picking up the moves, but offers this advice. 

"We always tell people just move, and pretty soon you'll catch on to what you're supposed to be doing," Muller said.

Walz says fear shouldn't hold you back from a class like this, as the moves are easily modified person to person. 

"I try to give the best cues to take it low impact, take the hop out. What I mean by taking the hop out is maybe you're skipping, you can take that down to a march," Walz said. 

Muller says she looks forward to dancing into her 80's, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

"I'm sure I'm one of the oldest ones in there and as long as I can still do this, I mean it really makes you feel good," Muller said. 

For a schedule of when the next class is, click here.

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