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November 13, 2017 06:14 PM

Daylight Saving Time & Your Kids

Sioux Falls, SD

When we fell back an hour for daylight saving time this month, many people gained an hour of sleep.  But for parents with young children at home that additional hour of sleep may be nonexistent. 

"So usually we eat around 6:30, 7. Well now at like 5:30, they're hungry and wanting to eat like everything. More snacks, more snacks, more snacks. It makes it difficult," mom Tanna Anderson said. 

For many kids, adjusting to time changes, whether you're gaining an hour or losing it, can be difficult. 

"They are up an hour, hour and a half earlier, which makes it difficult for me because I like to sleep a little bit," Anderson said. 

Anderson, who has two young boys, noticed the changes immediately following the time change. 

"Honestly, it's kind of... he like goes to bed, or naps later, so then he is like fighting it and it's a struggle," Anderson said.

Daylight saving can affect your child's sleeping and eating habits, but you should stick to a schedule.

"Working with them at least two weeks prior to any kind of a change in routine is going to be a big help in everyone's being able to get through it happily," sleep pathologist Darla Klinger said. 

So if your child is used to eating at noon every day, but is hungry at 11 a.m., slowly transitioning them into the noon hour will help them get back on schedule. 

"15 minutes added to each day, and that can help us adjust to any time change whether it's our sleep time or our wake time," Klinger said.

Children require about 10 hours of sleep a night to be functional during the day, but can seem as though they're well rested. 

"That can definitely have a big effect on them. Sleep deprivation, and the way that children react to deprivation is different than adults. Children tend to get more hyper," Klinger said.

And while it can be difficult at first, doctors say in the end your children will feel better physically and mentally.
For more tips on how to prep you child for the next time our clocks change click here. 

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