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May 10, 2018 06:13 PM

Fight Off Testing Anxiety

As the school year is coming to an end for students, many may be looking forward to summer break. 

But before summer break arrives students will have to take final exams to wrap up the classes. 

With summer plans to look forward to, it can be tough to focus during end of the year tests. 

"The nice weather is even a distraction for me to know that I have some plans to do, make sure kids are ready and I'm ready for them the next day... but when it's 70 degrees outside I want to be out and about as well," Meghan Wounded Head said.

Washington High School teacher Meghan Wounded Head works to combat the stress of finals inside the classroom.  She says it's important that students take initiative outside the classroom too.

"Once students are able to kind of verbalize that doubt then that opens the lines of communication then we can do a better job of helping you and lessening that anxiety that might actually occur," Wounded Head said. 

Building up to a test day Wounded Head feels 'coach like', treating test day like game day. 

"Wednesday's game day! Things like that, just trying to be positive, letting them know when the test is arriving and I really work to expose them to as many types of test questions as possible," Wounded Head said. 

While preparing for a test can help with anxiety, a little positivity can help even more. 

"Say hey, you're prepared. We have you prepared. You've had plenty of practice here," Wounded Head said. 

But if anxiety overshadows both positivity and preparedness, there's help just down the hall. 

"It's pretty common for kids around this time of year because it's a condensed amount of time and they have a lot of studying to do," Holly Borchers said. 

School Counselor Holly Borchers sees an uptick in student visits this time of year.

"I think one thing we try to do as school counselors is to talk to them about how you can look at that anxiety in a positive way. It's your body helping you get ready to do something hard and it doesn't have to be a negative thing," School Counselor Holly Borchers said. 

And during all of the studying, don't forget about your student's health.  

"I mean, they're coming whether you want them to or not. Take the best care of yourself you can. Physically, mentally, emotionally to be able to do your best," Borchers said. 

Borchers says students can set up times to visit with counselors before or after school, or during a lunch period. 

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