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October 11, 2017 06:13 PM

Fitness Trackers Bring Motivation And Healthy Reminders

Sioux Falls, SD

Finding motivation to go to the gym isn't always easy, But seeing your progress can help push through a cardio session. Fitness trackers provide summaries on your progress, that can help you in and out of the gym. 

These devices are among the top fitness trends of 2017, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Tracking sleep, calories, heart rate and so much more that for many they're a staple. 

Fitness lover Alan Barch uses his tracker to help make decisions, even outside of the gym. 

"I hit the workout button and I can see how many calories I've burned roughly from workout to workout. So, I have a general idea and I can kind of adjust actually what I eat based on how much I did here," Barch said. 

Being able to visualize his workout progress shows Barch how he's doing and how he can improve. 

"If I have a slow step day and I'm not very active, let's say, and it's nighttime. I'm like I need to get some steps, so my wife and I go for a walk usually," Barch said. 

"Especially with winter approaching, making sure that you're still getting your steps up and walking around even if you work in a place where you're sitting a lot," Shanna Leibel with Sanford Wellness said. 

Trainers recommend them because they motivate you and hold you accountable. And the best part? Fitness trackers are lightweight and stay out of the way during any workout.

If you forget to get moving or you're just having a lazy day, you can count on your tracker to let you know. Some send you a notification to stand up when you've been inactive for too long. 
Leibel: While you're trying to catch up on Netflix... Yeah, that's pretty great. 

Heinemann: Does it make you get up eventually? 

Leibel: It does, it does make me get up. I feel a little guilty.
The price for motivation and staying fit? Anywhere from about $25 to $400. For a list of the top fitness trackers right now, visit Techradar's website.

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