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November 06, 2017 07:09 PM

Get Fit On Social Media

Sioux Falls, SD

For some, trying to lose weight can seem like a tiring process and finding motivation can seem impossible. That's why people are turning to posting on social media and fitness apps to boost their enthusiasm when it comes to weight loss. 

When you're tired of working out, and can't seem to find motivation anywhere... You may want to try taking a selfie. 

"It puts yourself out there. Especially when you're doing it around friends, family. I just think it puts yourself out there. You know, you leave yourself vulnerable essentially," Gum Meselu said.

Comments from friends and family can be extremely motivating, which in result pushes you to keep up with your fitness journey. 

"Posting on social media can be a good place for people to start. Also, they have their friends on there. People like to comment and say you're doing a great job," Hy-Vee dietitian Anna Heronimus said. 

In addition to the motivation, it holds you accountable. People want to know how your journey is going and want to see updates. 

"I think everyone likes to have someone to be accountable with. That's why I have plenty of clients who see me weekly or monthly just to have someone to check in with is always nice," Heronimus said. 

"Again, you're putting yourself out there. It motivates you to follow up," Meselu said. 

While posting on social media can help aid in your weight loss, downloading a fitness app can also be helpful as well.  

"There's other types of social media too. I mean there's lots of different apps that you can always have as well and ones you can check your calories on, and make sure you're checking out great recipies as well," Heronimus said. 

So if you're close to giving up, try posting a photo or even sharing your favorite healthy recipe. 

For tips on how to get started on your social media weight loss journey, click here. 

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