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February 20, 2018 07:19 AM

How Real Is Flu Phobia?

Sioux Falls

How worried are you about catching the flu?

That's the question KELOLAND's Claire Lavezzorio asked shoppers and a store manager about as we dive deeper into flu season. 

It could be on everything from carts to card readers. The bug is on everyone's mind as we dive deeper into flu season.

The latest survey from the South Dakota Department of Health reports there are now over 3,000 confirmed cases of the flu in the state. Out of those, 19 have resulted in death. 

"It kind of spreads through quickly in that environment. So it's definitely concerning and something we're watching closely," shopper Jenna Heitkamp said. 

Right now, one item — hand  in particular is in high demand. 

"A lot of people are buying it. A lot of people ask where it's at. New store so they're trying to get used to where everything is in the store. But it's been a very popular item this year," Lewis Drug store manager Randy Seney said. 

Seney says shipments of sanitizers and disinfectants are making their way into the store every single day to keep up with demand.

"Thankfully we've been stocked the whole season on it. Lewis plans ahead for it. They just know that every year, we're going to have a cough and flu season and it's been quite a year this year," Seney said. 

Another preventative measure: Sanitizers at every checkout and by the carts. 

"You see it when you go and get your cart, there's wipes, it's easy, just use it," Heitkamp said. 

"It's just a little preventative measure. You hear time and time again how important it is to wash your hands all the time and use hand sanitizer. And we also encourage our associates to also do that in the store," Seney said. 

Because everyone's hoping to just make it out alive. 

"Just hopefully it's over soon. The weather and the flu can go away," says Heitkamp. 

Other shoppers we spoke with who declined to go on camera, say they aren't worried any more about flu season because they themselves or their kids have already come down with the bug. 

But health officials say it's possible to get the flu twice as there's more than one strain out there this season.
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