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October 10, 2017 06:27 PM

Is Botox Right For You?

Sioux Falls, SD

Personal upkeep can be as simple as washing your hair everyday, to receiving  
cosmetic treatments from your doctor. Botox is just one of the treatments you can receive without any surgery being performed. 

36-year-old Katie Barnes is receiving her first Botox treatment after seeing her friends' promising results

"My family has some lines here, and sort of here that develop sort of young. So, I thought I'd come in and get it done before it becomes a sort of issue," Katie Barnes said. 

Since her treatment is focused on prevention, Barnes is opting for eight injections instead of the full treatment of 14. 

"Just to sort of immobilize the wrinkles that are starting to form really seems to make a difference and bring us kind of back into our 20s," Barnes said.

Botox works by preventing muscle movement in your face, resulting in the prevention of future wrinkles. From 2015 to 2016 there was a five percent increase in Botox treatments on patients in their 20s. 

"The younger and younger that you can use Botox, it really helps prevent really any formation of the horizontal lines that we get from raising our eyebrows, those kind of frown lines between our eyebrows and then kind of the crows feet on the sides of the eyes," Dr. Kendra Watson said. 

The treatment needs to be done every three to four months to maintain the results that you want to achieve. And if you think you're too young, Watson actually recommends beginning the injections as early as you can. 

"Really over time can even thin out those muscles so they look much less prominent, and really can avoid any kind of development of wrinkles in that area. So it can be really effective, especially when used at a young age regularly," Watson said. 

Barnes is done with her treatment in just 15 minutes, and says the pain is no worse than a small mosquito bite.  

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