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January 10, 2018 06:17 PM

Making An Impact By Shopping

Have you ever had that moment at the grocery store when you're trying to be healthy, but that sweet or salty snack is calling your name?

One grocery store in Sioux Falls wants to help you stay on track with a healthy diet.

Eowyn Corral has been a member at the Natural Foods Co-op for as long as she can remember and says it helps her make healthy choices. 

"I leave with very little packaged food, or prepared food and it's all food I'm going to go home and make," Eowyn Corral said. 

In addition to offering a variety of natural and organic products, the Co-op supports the community by having a strong focus on selling locally produced goods. 

"We average between 17 and 30 percent local products as compared to some of the other big guys that are less than a percentage point of local products," Patrick Sayler said. 

In addition to selling natural food products the Co-Op also sells natural hygiene products, cleaning products, and even natural toothpaste.

"They have a place that they can truly shop local and they know that all the profits are coming right back to the community rather than going out to a large corporation," Sayler said. 

Shoppers have the option of signing up for a membership. 

"There's no angel investor out there keeping us open. It really is folks keeping us open and purchasing a stock in the company and then also participating and patronizing the Co-op," Sayler said. 

"Supporting local food systems is extremely important to me, and so I really try to live by that value," Corral said. 

A store that's local, natural, and helping the community. 

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