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January 03, 2018 06:25 PM

Making Moving For Seniors Easy

For seniors and their families, making the move to senior living can be a stressful time.

 That's why one Sioux Falls business owner is trying to make the process easier. 

Packing, downsizing, and of course the unpacking were just a few of the tasks Ralph and Lavonne Johnshoy were facing last July.  

"We had things in the garage and upstairs that we wouldn't be using anymore and so, you have to get rid of them. We sold all we could," Ralph Johnshoy said. 

The Johnshoys attended a seminar highlighting help for seniors looking to move -- which led them to Lisa Soma, owner of Organizing By Lisa. 

"This really sounded just like what we needed. So, we talked to her afterwards and wondered if we could set up an appointment and she said sure, and away we went," Ralph said. 

"I organize and de clutter for people, I hold estate and garage sales for people, and I also help people move," Soma said. 

Soma held a garage sale for the Johnshoys, and each item was packed and unpacked exactly the way they wanted it. 

"She had a couple helpers and they packed one day and unpacked the next day, so it was that fast," Lavonne said. 

Moving isn't easy for anyone, but when it comes to seniors the extra help can sometimes be necessary. 

"Situations where you have to stand on a step stool, or a ladder and that's not always something they can do anymore. There's a lot of bending and lifting involved and it can be a safety hazard to seniors," Soma said. 

Keeping the stress off of family members  process was also important.  

"They said to me you know, we have I think, four daughters? They said, we don't want to bother them with this, we want them to just come and visit us afterwards," Soma said.

The Johnshoys are more than pleased with the process.  

"It worked out real well, it feels like home, where we were even," Lavonne said. 

If you have older parents, de-cluttering is only one step in the process. 

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