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November 14, 2017 06:37 PM

Removing Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Sioux Falls, SD

For some, food is an addiction. For others, it's a comfort. But for one local man, food has now become his friend.

After losing 250 pounds all on his own, Andrew Cedergren is looking forward to continuing his healthy lifestyle. 

"You know growing up, it was, I just kind of relied on food to kind of make myself, it was a very comfort thing for me," Cedergren said. 

In 2013, Andrew Cedergren met with his doctor weighing 425 pounds. 

"I kind of got upset because I was told I was never able to do it myself. That time had passed and it was too late," Cedergren said. 

His doctor said without expensive programs, weight loss was impossible. 

"I was like, 'Well I'm going to show him!' So I did some researching on diets," Cedergren said. 

And after three years of calorie counting and at home exercises, Cedergren proved his doctor wrong.

"When I look in the mirror quite often, it's not really a skinny person that I see. But really, a deflated large obese person," Cedergren said. 

After losing 250 pounds, he's left with extra skin that has caused both mental and physical hurdles.

"Some people especially who have lower abdominal or thigh soft tissue excess actually do experience pain and discomfort when they're walking and trying to fit into clothes," Dr. Barry Martin said. 

Cedergren has scheduled an excess skin removal surgery in January. 

"Stomach is the most common place that people want to have improvement in their contour and that can be either an abdominal plasty which is removing excess skin, also tightening the lower portion of the stomach," Martin said. 

Doctors say this kind of surgery has the best results with those who have lost the weight without surgery, like Cedergen. 

"When it comes down to losing weight, it's really important to find your support system," Cedergren said. 

Cedergren thanks his support system for pushing him along, and helping him keep his focus.  

He looks forward to looking in the mirror after his surgery. 

Stay tuned for an update with Cedergren after his surgery in late January. To learn more about his journey, visit his website.

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