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January 12, 2018 06:15 PM

Smoking: Kick The Habit

29-year-old Dan Pasch began smoking at the age of 12.

"My smoking has kind of gotten out of hand. I've gone from just smoking occasionally up to smoking a pack, pack and a half a day," Pasch said.

Pasch has tried to quit before, without success.

"I've been trying to find different ways to quit, but nothing has seemed to work and I figured I'd give this a shot," Pasch said. 

Gage Brothers is participating in a smoking cessation program put on by wellness company Well365. 

"We're helping individuals establish a quit date. We're also helping them to establish some of the things that take place while they're tobacco users. So, what are triggers? What are reasons that they're smoking?" owner of Well365, Trisha Dohn, said. 

During the first four weeks, participants determine a method of quitting.  Afterwards they're offered one on one coaching throughout the year. 

"There's randomized tobacco detection that is done throughout the year. So, at any given moment someone could be tested to verify that they've remained tobacco free," Dohn said. 

According to the CDC, you are never too old to quit. While the health benefits are better when you're younger, you get benefits at any age.

And if bettering your health isn't incentive enough, Gage Brothers is offering employees another bonus. 

"If they're a year post still tobacco free they receive a $500 bonus," Dohn said. 

"Well the $500 helps, if we quit for a year but the only incentive is for my family and for myself," Pasch said.

If you don't think you can quit, or think you may not succeed Pasch has this advice.

"Give it a shot, what could hurt?" Pasch said. 

For resources on how to quit smoking, click here.

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