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April 23, 2018 11:06 AM

Dicamba Products To Be Classified As Restricted Use In South Dakota

By the end of this month, all pesticide products containing only dicamba will be classified as restricted use pesticides in South Dakota.

That's according to the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.  This includes over-the-counter herbicides that were previously sold to unlicensed applicators and producers.

Come April 30, you can only buy dicamba products if you are a certified private or commercial applicator.

Applicators will also be encouraged to take dicamba-specific training that is available online through the SDDA's website.  Applicators will also be required to maintain records for each application of dicamba products for three years.

This change comes after KELOLAND Investigates uncovered the dangers of dicamba drift.

Part 1: Dangerous Dicamba Drift

Part 2: Dangerous Dicamba Drift

Once dicamba becomes a vapor, it can spread for miles, taking out entire fields of conventional crops, specialty crops and organic farms.

Damage has also been reported in garden plants, beehives and fruit trees.

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