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August 11, 2017 10:09 PM

Fake Garth Brooks Tickets Turn Up In Other Cities

Garth Brooks has been the talk of KELOLAND these last few weeks. As soon as promoters announced a show, tickets sold out almost immediately.

You may have heard stories about people not getting to see the country superstar even though they bought a ticket.

"KELOLAND, can you help me figure out if this is real or fake? What's the deal with everybody scalping Garth tickets?" 

When Garth Brooks announced his concerts in Sioux Falls, a flurry of people tried to buy tickets. In fact, close to 100,000 tickets were sold. But soon after, websites and Facebook posts touting tickets started popping up.

So are the stories about people not getting into Garth Brooks concerts real or fake?  The stories are real. 

We checked with the concert promoter about this story.  Varnell Enterprises tells KELOLAND News Investigates that many people across the country have learned this the hard way.

Just a few months ago, a woman in Kansas City bought tickets from a site she thought was linked to the arena's website.

"I thought I went to Sprint Center's page. And it had Garth and everything. Purchased tickets and I hit that and the page that it took me to, I thought I was still on Sprint Center's web page," Jennifer Wheeler said.

She got through the front door. When she got to her seats, two people were sitting in them.

Wheeler says their tickets looked legitimate so she went to an usher with the problem. She says the usher instructed Wheeler to head to the box office. A short time later, Wheeler's tickets had "VOID" written on them and she was asked to leave on her own or told she would be escorted out of the building.

So what happened? The Sprint Center in Kansas City says the original purchaser of the tickets could've double-sold them to third-party sellers.

We checked with the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center staff, who tell us that they wouldn't know if the tickets sold on any third-party site are valid until those tickets are scanned at the door.

Garth Brooks' concert promoter says if you purchase through TicketMaster, it's safe but if you purchase through any other way, you do take a chance.

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