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August 07, 2017 06:05 PM

Is Garth Brooks Really Tweeting His Fans Ahead Of His Sioux Falls Shows?

You asked. We're here to answer. Is it Real or Fake? We're continuing our new investigative series to weed out fact from fiction on your social media feeds. KELOLAND News Investigates.

We're just weeks away now from Garth Brooks playing nine sold out shows in Sioux Falls. 

One KELOLAND woman took to Twitter to share her excitement about the concerts and was sent a direct message from the country star himself, or so she thought. 

"Hello KELOLAND. Can you please tell me if this is Real or Fake? Did I really get a Tweet from Garth Brooks," viewer Jean Cave asks KELOLAND News Investigates. 

Jean Cave is a big Garth Brooks fan. So, when news of him coming to the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center broke, she took to social media and followed Brooks and Tricia Yearwood.

Brooks and his team are very active on Twitter, so it's a good place for fans to stay up-to-date. After Cave followed Brooks on Twitter she got this message: 

"This is hugs from you Jean Cave,I just wanna say a big thank you to you for supporting my page and my musical career"

Cave tells us she was shocked. 

She replied: "OMG! Is this really a message from Garth or his camp? You can tell him I am very impressed about his big heart for his fans and adding shows to accommodate everyone!"

They go on to have a discussion about his tour coming to Sioux Falls. Cave realizes something isn't right with the conversation.

 Especially when she gets this message: 

"Okay, I wanna ask you if you can help the kids?"

Cave responds "What kids" 

and "Garth" replies "The orphans."

Cave doesn't give him any money and by the end of the discussion "Garth" says "I could even block you because I don't expect this from any of my fans." 

As you can probably tell already... this account is fake. 

Here's how you can tell: While it says the person's name is Garth Brooks, the username is actually @GarthBooks99. The Real Garth Brooks is just @GarthBrooks. 

You can also just look at the two profiles. The real Garth Brooks has 339,000 followers. GarthBrooks99 has only 140. 

The real Garth also have a blue checkmark. This is something that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram only gives to people to verify they are actually the one behind the account. You'll see these often on celebrity accounts or news sources. It's an easy way to determine if that source is trustworthy. 

KELOLAND News wanted to get more details from this fake account, so our investigative producer followed him to see if he would get a response, and sure enough, he did: 

"I want to use this medium opportunity to thank you for supporting my musical career, Much love garth." 

Our producer replies "are you really Garth Brooks. "

"He says it's really me and why do you ask." 

After telling him it's because he doesn't have very many followers or tweets, the person tweeting says it's a private confidential account. 

Cave was smart enough to detect early on that this was a scammer. 

Being skeptical on social media, taking note of bad grammar and using those verification techniques could help you avoid being scammed.

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