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September 26, 2017 06:00 PM

Man Wanted In Cross-County Scam Spree Arrested In Kansas

A Florida man accused of breaking the law while selling travel clubs in Sioux Falls has been arrested and brought back to the state to face charges.

John Barze is accused of selling an elderly couple a travel club membership for $6,000.  But the contract they signed did not have South Dakota's mandatory three-day right to cancel.  The couple regretted the purchase and called the Attorney General's office of Consumer Protection.  

Barze was charged with two felonies for breaking the law.  

Our investigation found Barze operated several travel clubs in many states, with complaints following his practices all across the country.

We even got a call from a West Lake, Ohio, police officer after Barze was arrested and charged in South Dakota.  He told me Barze had just moved eastward and was selling high-priced travel clubs in the Cleveland suburb this summer.  That officer turned over that information to the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Barze is also being sued by the state of Washington for violating consumer laws there involving his travel clubs. 

After Barze failed to show up for at least two court appearances in Minnehaha County, the state issued a warrant for his arrest.

He was just picked up in Kansas and is being extradited to Minnehaha County.

We'll keep you posted on what happens in the case.  

Man Charged In Travel Club Sale Facing Allegations Of Breaking Laws In Other States
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