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December 15, 2017 06:04 PM

Real Or Fake? Secret Sister Gift Exchange

Secret Santa exchanges are always fun, but beware of gift exchanges you see on social media.

A couple of holiday schemes have been around on Facebook for a couple of years now--yet people still fall for them. 

The first one is the Secret Sister Gift Exchange.

We found several local posts promoting this one. They read: You only have to buy one gift valued at $10 or more and send it to one secret sister.

 Afterwards you'll receive six to 36 gifts, the posts promise.

You can even find videos on Facebook of women who say it worked for them:

"I got this cute little wine glass and then I got this cute little coffee mug," a woman on Facebook says.

However, the Better Business Bureau says don't fall for this Secret Sister Gift Exchange because it's Fake!

"All these things are a classic pyramid scheme and are illegal," Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau said. 

The same scheme shows up on Facebook in the form of the "Wine Exchange" program: Send one bottle of wine and you'll get six to 36 bottles in return.

The U.S. Postal Service says these all fall into the illegal "chain letter" category and they don't work because:

"... the promise that all participants in a chain letter will be winners is mathematically impossible."  U.S. Postal Service says.

And finally there's a privacy issue. Sign up for one of these exchanges and you could be giving your address to a stranger and that's never a good idea. 

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