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December 18, 2017 01:37 PM

Report Critical Of Audit Committee Not Entered Into Official Record

Several lawmakers on the Government Operations and Audit Committee were denied the chance to put a report on record that is critical of how the committee handled its GEAR UP investigation.  

The minority report drawn up by Sens. Stace Nelson, Neal Tapio and Billie Sutton along with Rep. Susan Wismer reads "in light of the catastrophic human and financial cost of the failure to earlier discover the problems with the GEAR UP grant program, important tasks were left undone by the committee." 

The report goes on to say that GOAC should have subpoenaed witnesses and sworn them in.  

In July, then-Secretary of Education Melody Schopp spoke before the committee, but was not sworn in. The committee also tried to call several other witenesses in the GEAR UP scandal, but since they were not subpoenaed they were not required to appear before the legislative committee.  

The minority report goes on to say that GOAC didn't investigate the lack of data keeping or oversight by the state on the GEAR UP programs, as well as other issues.

GOAC Chair Sen. Deb Peters led the vote to ensure the minority report did not before part of the legislature's official record.  

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