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December 06, 2017 05:08 PM

Big Turkey Donation From Small Tea Business

When it comes to businesses trying to end hunger in KELOLAND, size doesn't matter. A small boutique from Tea is hoping to make a big difference this holiday season with a large turkey donation. 

Laurie Belle's Boutique of Tea is putting this brand new vehicle to good use spreading holiday cheer. Today's drop-off? 2,000 pounds of turkey for Feeding South Dakota's Food Pantry.

"They can be expensive. Some people just don't have the means or the funds to splurge on a turkey for the holidays. It's just something everyone deserves to have on their table for the holiday season. So if we can help out in any way, it's great," Karlson said. 

This isn't the first time owner Laurie Karlson has helped fight hunger in South Dakota. Last year, she donated 599 pounds of turkey along with 340 pounds of cereal when the food pantry was in short supply.  

"This is just an amazing donation that's going to go a long way to help individuals and families in need, especially during the holiday season," Kerri DeGraff with Feeding South Dakota said. 

On top of delivering 2,000 pounds of turkey with this brand new truck, Laurie Belle's Boutique also handed over a check worth more than $1,700. 

That will go towards Laurie Belle's additional goal of donating 10,000 meals.   

"This business has just given me so much and I love it so much," owner Laurie Karlson said. "To be able to take some of what we've gotten from it and give it back to others is just the best part about it."

Each turkey donated by Laurie Belle's Boutique is between 12 to 14 pounds. 
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