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February 20, 2018 06:04 PM

Couple Charged In Elder Theft Case

A Colorado couple is facing charges in KELOLAND for Elder Financial Abuse.

Paul and Sandra Pazen face several felony theft charges out of Butte County. The amount stolen ranges from $5,000 to $100,000. According to an obituary, the couple had a family member who lived in Butte County.

The Attorney General's office tells us they can't release any more information right now about the details of the case. They do say the case demonstrates the need for the Attorney General's Elder Abuse Unit. 

This unit started in 2016. Since then it's received 122 leads, with 28 cases investigated in the first quarter. This is all done with one full-time investigator and a prosecutor.

According to the Attorney General's website, the unit, "investigates and prosecutes cases involving theft of assets from the elderly in South Dakota."

The Pazen's have their first court appearance on March 16th.

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