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February 07, 2017 07:03 AM

Dress For Success Sioux Falls Helps Women Pick Out Perfect Attire

Sioux Falls

The fourth-annual "In Her Shoes" Empowerment Breakfast is coming up this Thursday in Sioux Falls. The event hopes to unite and empower women right here in KELOLAND. 

All proceeds from the event benefit Dress For Success Sioux Falls, an organization that helps women land their dream jobs. 

The final touch for an interview is often what we take off the shelf. 

Yet for some women, that is the hardest piece of the puzzle to landing their dream job. 

"They do more than just dress you. They give you that confidence and support. And that's really what I was looking for when I came here first, because I don't have a lot of support," Danielle Steffen said. 

Steffen dreams of being a paralegal, but hasn't had the support to pursue that goal until now. 

"That first appointment was amazing. It was exactly what I needed and kind of what I was looking for. Perfect; down to the T," said Steffen. 

Steffen was able to go through the racks and pick out the perfect suit, thanks to Dress for Success Sioux Falls. 

"This is just a huge big bonus for me. For them to just head to toe go through every inch and detail of the whole process of being interviewed, to fixing your resume, to having a professional human resource," said Steffen. 

"My greatest hope for the women that leave here is they leave with a sense of confidence. And that they believe in themselves and that they understand the value that they're contributing," said Executive Director of Dress For Success Sioux Falls Erin Bosch. 

From the moment Steffen buttoned her jacket, not only was she dressed for success, but she now believes it, too. 

"It's astonishing to know how much confidence you feel, knowing that you're fit and dressed for that perfect position and you're going even above and beyond because you because you want that position and you want to do whatever it takes," said Steffen. 

 Tickets for the "In Her Shoes" breakfast are available for $35.

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