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January 12, 2018 06:07 PM

Drivers Warn Of Slick Intersections

We let a lot of things slide, but our cars shouldn't be one of them. Our sub zero temperatures combined with melting earlier this week and blowing snow on Thursday have have made roads icy. 

Sioux Falls Police say they've received a few reports of fender benders, and drivers are taking it slowly.  

"My tires just spun on the ice," Ashley Jensen said. 

No matter what Ashley Jensen did, she just couldn't catch a "brake". 

"I slid at an intersection and I had to stop at a red light," Jensen said.

She stopped eventually, just not where she wanted. 

Jensen: "I actually got stuck. My wheels just kept spinning. I couldn't go once the light turned green." 
Brady Mallory: "What did you do?"
Jensen: "I just kept pumping the gas and going slowly and finally got it to grip the little bit of pavement that was there." 

Jensen says the roads are better today, but she and Joe Evenson are both taking their time to avoid sliding.

"It's a little slick. I know the City does a good job taking care of our roads. Sometimes that doesn't work as fast as we'd like," Evenson said. 

The City's street manager Galynn Huber says when temperatures dip below zero, it takes a little longer for the chemical to melt icy spots. Huber says his crews have been out the last 24 hours trying to take care of slick spots. 

If you have one you'd like to report, he says they will respond to that area right away. Just call 367-8255. He also says the chemical should work better once it warms up a little this weekend. 

"As long as we take it slow, we're careful, we look out for our fellow drivers on the road, we're good," Evenson said. 

That may be the best advice to navigate icy roads and intersections when you're driving in town. As Jensen knows, you don't really get to take a break from winter weather. 

"I'm a cautious driver. I get scared easy, so I try not to go out if I have to, but you got to work," Jensen said. 

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