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July 28, 2016 06:15 PM

Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons Hosting Gaming Boot Camp

Sioux Falls, SD

A gaming boot camp hosted by the Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons is getting girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math. The boot camp runs all week. 

Seven girls from seven different schools are creating a bond over technology this week.

"It's very awesome. I love it," Ellie Pulse said. 

11-year-old Sioux Falls Christian student Ellie Pulse is an avid gamer. 

"I like playing video games so I thought creating them would be more fun which it really is," Pulse said. 

Traditionally thought of as a "boy thing," she's relishing the time with other females who have similar interests.

"At my school there aren't really many girls that like it so much and all these girls love it. It's surprising," Pulse said. 

This is the first time Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons has teamed up with Code Bootcamp to host this class. It's meant to expose girls to programming and engineering at a young age. 

"When they get older, the older they get, as soon as they hit middle school it's a boy thing. We need to get rid of that because females are awesome and we need to make sure they're in a STEM career," Program Specialist Jennifer Amen said. 

This won't be the last camp. The Girl Scouts are making it a priority to see that girls stick with their hobbies involving science, technology, engineering and math. 

"Our studies have shown that girls want to help people and they want to make a difference but they want hands on. So the STEM field is great for that - whether it's researching or finding a cure for cancer. It gives them an opportunity in many different areas," Amen said. 

Helping them create a promising, real future for themselves. 

According to the Girl Scouts, the top four STEM career categories girls are interested include: Health Care, Design, Entertainment and Social Science. 
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