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January 12, 2018 10:02 PM

Local Immigrants React To Alleged Trump Comments

The president's alleged comments are also hitting too close to home for those new to the country. 

President Trump allegedly used vulgar language as he talked about legal protections for people immigrating from Haiti, El Salvador, and countries in Africa. The president denied using the term. But the White House did not. KELOLAND News talked to people who are originally from these countries.

With Emmanuel Gyasi of Sioux Falls, it's clear how he feels about Ghana, where he was born. A bracelet, always with him, was made there.

"It's a very peaceful country, has a very rich culture, people are very warm and friendly," Gyasi said.

Gyasi is now a permanent resident of the United States. He says Trump's reported comments surprised him...somewhat.

"Initially when I heard the statement last night from the news I was kind of surprised but really not," Gyasi said.

Now he's letting that be in the past.

"Now I'm beyond it, 'cause the future is what is more important, so we're forging ahead," Gyasi said.

Maria Argueta of Sioux Falls is originally from El Salvador. She's also now a permanent resident here. Argueta had a similar reaction to Trump's alleged comments.

"Honestly, surprised," Argueta said in Spanish. "By the insult with which he referred to the countries, I take it as a complete discrimination."

She sees that message as un-American.

"With that insult, it contradicts what's essential about the United States. Country of success, built on immigration," Argueta said.

Gyasi has a simple plan for what he would say if someone asked him about Trump's alleged comments.

"Let's hold on to love more than hate," Gyasi said.

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