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January 26, 2018 06:06 PM

Paramedics Plus New Facility To Service Communities South Of Sioux Falls

Paramedics will soon be responding to Tea and Harrisburg faster. Paramedics Plus officially opened up a permanent shop just west of Harrisburg.

Neighbors celebrated with Paramedics Plus Friday with an open house... and many of them say this is something both their communities needed.

"Anytime you call 911, you want them there immediately," said Harrisburg resident Dale Long. 

That's exactly why Paramedics Plus made the move South. Lincoln County Commissioner Michael Poppens says it was needed. 

"We have a growing community. We have a lot of young families and we're all looking at the news nowadays and seeing cases of the flu and the response times that we need to get to people as quickly as possible," said Poppens. 

"This area sees about one to two calls a day but when you stop and think of those one to two calls a day coming from Sioux Falls to here having that unit here, makes a significant difference," said Paramedics Plus COO Michael Bureau. 

Paramedics Plus started servicing the communities in November, but it now has this permanent facility. 

Harrisburg and Tea community members say it gives them comfort knowing help is even closer in case of a life or death situation.

"The bigger Sioux Falls gets and the traffic, like at rush hour, trying to get through town, absolutely. It's an issue especially during rush hour," said Long. 

Everyone at Fridays celebration agrees, this new facility could save lives. 

"In terms of a medical emergency that we would consider a priority one or life threat having this ambulance here will cut response times down to someone's front door in Harrisburg and Tea significantly," said Bureau. 

"The closer they are and staged in our area obviously they're going to get there fast and that's very important," said Long.

The paramedics will be on duty 24/7 for emergency needs. 

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