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March 21, 2018 06:06 PM

Sanford International Golf Needs Volunteers

The arrival of spring has many people thinking about hitting the golf course. That's good news for organizers of the Sanford International golf tournament. 1,000 volunteers are needed to put on the Champions Tour event that will take place at the Minnehaha Country Club in September. It's an event that could bring tens of thousands of visitors to Sioux Falls. 

There's still snow on many golf courses in KELOLAND but many people are itching to get outdoors. Sanford International Tournament Director Greg Conrad put the call out for volunteers on Monday and has already seen a flurry of applications.

"Yeah 400 exceeds our expectations. Four days in and you've got 40-percent of your needs. That's great," Conrad said.  

There is a $65 fee to volunteer. Conrad says that's the case at any major golf tournament. The money will get you a pass to the event all week, along with food, and a few clothing items.

"Whatever dollar amount anybody spends on the tournament goes right to charity. This is not a for profit venture. This is a charitable 501c3. We're here to impact the charities and the kids in Sioux Falls. That's what people ought to keep in mind," Conrad said. 

The Sanford International should be a star-studded event featuring golf celebrities such as Jack Nicklaus, Andy North, Tom Watson and John Daly. 

When volunteers and Champions Tour golfers hit Minnehaha Country Club, they'll be greeted by a fresh look. The club is undergoing an $8 million dollar renovation.  

"We have a clubhouse renovation going on right now. The whole upper floor will be completely new in September when everybody comes in," Finn said. 

Mickey Finn is the Director of Golf at the club. He says the facility will transform into a little city for the week-long event. 

"Biggest difference that you're going to see out here is stands, chalets. Little bit different than we're used to seeing. We don't get that much traffic out here," Finn said. 

"It will be a great shining star for Sioux Falls when Golf Channel comes to town and shows off what's going on here at the club. I think people are going to be amazed," Conrad said. 

All the money raised from the tournament goes to the Sanford Health Foundation and will benefit the Children's Miracle Network and Cure Kids Cancer. 

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