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January 12, 2018 10:02 PM

Showering Local Families With Love

Having kids can be pricey. The average cost of raising a child in the U.S. is over $230,000. However, there is help for new families in the Sioux Falls area!

The AMaVo Boutique is full of trendy clothes and home decor. However, this month, you may notice some unusual items in the store— baby supplies!

"So far we've gotten some diapers in, which is exciting. I feel like that's like a big, main product that people are aware about. There is a whole list of supplies that people can bring. But our customers are excited that we're taking part in this event," said Samantha Young, AMaVo Boutique. 

In January, AMaVo is joining the Sioux Empire's Largest Baby Shower. Life 96.5 has been hosting this event for a few years now, to support the Alpha Center, a non-profit helping families with unplanned pregnancies.

The parents it works with can attend free parenting classes to earn Baby Bucks, which can be used in the Baby Boutique.

"We like to give them a good shopping experience when they come in and look through our baby boutique. So it's set up very cute and warm and friendly. They have little shopping bags that they can use when they take the items out of here. We just like to have the experience be an encouraging one," said Rachel Dykstra, Project and Development Director for Alpha Center. 

"They're able to come in up until their child is two, or a little bit older, so they can come long term and continue with us after baby is born. Because that's really when rubber hits the road and they're actually going to be needing to implement a lot of those things," said Erica Miller, Executive Director of Alpha Center. 

For the AMaVo staff, it's a mission close to their hearts. Thats why they'll be offering 10-percent off purchases when customers bring in donations for the drive!

"We just want people to take part in the event and hopefully we have a lot of supplies to bring over to Alpha Center. So if that is what gets people to want to donate to the Alpha Center, then we are happy to be that kind of middle man," said Young. 

"People will actually knit or hand tie blankets or sweaters, and everything we get is so unique and just so well thought through. We're so grateful for everything we receive," said Miller. 

Sioux Falls Lewis Drug stores are also drop-off locations for the Baby Shower drive.

You can find a list of needs on the Life 96.5 website.

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