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May 16, 2018 10:04 PM

Small Town Flourishes As Others Fail

Residents of Evergreen Assisted Living in Viborg are now living in a new home Wednesday night, after the facility was shut down. However, this does not mean Viborg is slowing down.  We went to the small town to find out how they're growing.

It's a sight no small town wants to see; a local facility boarded up. The closing of Evergreen Assisted Living is not the full story of Viborg, though. The community is actually growing!

"The intent is that we'll have 72 new lots for brand new housings to have within Viborg," said Anne Christiansen, President of Viborg Development Corporation. 

Anne Christiansen with the Viborg Development Corporation says the biggest complaint is a lack of housing. Which they're tackling with the Western Hill Housing development; the first new housing project in the city in more than a decade.

So why is Viborg doing so well when many small towns are losing stores and residents?

"We have a lot to offer in a small town. We have the hospital here. We have the grocery store, we have Ace Hardware across the street. We have a flower shop. We have one bank with another one coming. We just have a lot to offer for a small town. We have pretty much everything you need," said Randy Johnson, store owner Hometown Grocery. 

Randy Johnson just purchased the Jones' Food Center, which he's renaming Hometown Grocery.

"People are still getting used to writing a different name on the check, but other than that it's going real good," said Johnson. 

The downtown area is also a big draw for people coming to the town for work or visiting the hospital. That happens to be the largest employer in Turner County.

As for the future of Viborg? Leaders aren't concerned.

"I think it's because we are progressive. We're always looking ahead and trying to make our town better," said Christiansen. 

Christiansen says they hope to start ground work on the new housing this fall and start doing concrete work next spring.

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