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February 20, 2018 06:00 PM

Snow Alerts Adding Up For Sioux Falls

Many in KELOLAND are still cleaning up after yet another few inches of snowfall. In Sioux Falls, we've had six snow events with more than two inches ending up on the ground. It's keeping city street crews busy and the cost for cleanup is adding up. 

Each time there's a snow alert, like Tuesday, it costs the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean things up. 

"You get three inches, you're looking at a little over $400,000 for a snow alert," Street Manager Galynn Huber said. 

 Huber says his $7.5 million budget accounts for six snow alerts every year from January to December.  So far, we've had three in 2018 but they've been pretty small.

"They push really quick. We don't expend as much overtime as you do like a six-inch snowstorm. At least for these during January and February, we didn't go out and pick up the snow. We pulled and tucked the snow. So I'm not spending a lot of overtime there. I'm saving some money there," Huber said. 

Alex Waddell is also in the snow removal business. He says his company has had plenty to do. 

"This year's been interesting. Whether it's an inch or a dusting or surprise on Saturday morning when we get that random two-incher," Waddell said.

With plenty more cold and snow to come, Waddell is doing his best to look ahead. He likes making money off the snow but is ready for warmer temps. 

"Yeah, I'm ready for spring. I'm definitely kind of over this winter. Ready to get the warm weather back," Waddell said. 

Unfortunately, he and Huber will likely have to wait several more weeks. 

"Probability would be that we'd get at least another one in March. We'd be right at that point what we budget for," Huber said. 

Huber says more than 100 pieces of equipment hit the road during a snow alert. 

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