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October 12, 2017 06:01 PM

Sturgis Brown High School Cancels Homecoming

Sturgis, SD

All of this weekend's homecoming activities are being cancelled at Sturgis Brown High School after a Facebook post featuring pictures of an annual student car bash. 

The problem? 

Native American racial slurs were written all over the car involved and the response on social media has been both swift and strong. 

The car bash is an annual event during homecoming week, but it is not school sanctioned.

Tonight, school officials tell me they are calling off the game, the dance, and all homecoming activities in a zero-tolerance response to the outcry over the event.

Only a few students from Sturgis Brown High School took part in the pictures. 

Principal Pete Wilson says these images, which include Sturgis Brown High School students and racist words and symbols are disrupting the school day. 

"We do not promote or support the car bash. The students had their car bash. But, more importantly, were the racist comments and inappropriate comments and captions that went out on the Snapchat," principal Pete Wilson said. 

The school is still determining the punishment for the students involved, but officials plan to take the issue even further.

"We will be reaching out to the whole state of South Dakota on cultural awareness," Wilson said. 

Sturgis police are also responding with this statement on the department's Facebook page:

"We understand the anger being expressed towards this situation. Please give school officials time to thoroughly investigate and look into this situation." 

Comments on that post are divided. 

Michelle Menard writes: "What a sickening individual and friends of the person for this to take place. These kids and their parents need to be held accountable."  

Phillip Brack writes: "Too many are quickly offended in this day and age." 

High school officials have been quick to respond. 

 "The school has not sponsored this event for a minimum of five to six years. It has never gone to the extent where there has been racial slurs on the car," Wilson said. 
The chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe also issued a statement today.

He is calling on authorities and those charged with responsibilities of teaching our youth to take appropriate actions to create a teaching moment. Again, school officials have decided to cancel all homecoming activities in response to this incident.

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