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June 07, 2018 06:22 PM

Bjorkman Doesn't Want To Benefit From Negative Ads

The Democrat running for South Dakota's lone U.S. House seat doesn't want to see a repeat of negative ads that showed up during the Republican primary.

"The people need to rise up and say I'm not voting for that person who stands to benefit from negative, dark money ads.  That's the only way you solve it."

Tim Bjorkman launched his campaign for the general election Thursday in Sioux Falls.  The retired circuit court judge is a newcomer to politics.  He's promising to reject any outside negative ads on his behalf and says he won't take donations from special interests or the Democratic Party. 

Bjorkman is running against Repubican Dusty Johnson, Libertarian George Hendrickson and Independent candidate Ron Wieczorek.

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