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September 25, 2017 06:04 PM

Greg Jamison Officially Joins Race For Mayor

A familiar face is joining the race for Sioux Falls mayor. We were there as Greg Jamison made the announcement to family, friends and Sioux Falls supporters.

"It is official. I am running for mayor of Sioux Falls," Greg Jamison said. 

It wasn't a big secret former city councilman, and 2014 mayoral candidate, Jamison would be running for mayor again.

This time, he says he's ready to take on any challenge with the support of friends and family.

Many of his loved ones were at Monday's announcement, except for his father, Bob Jamison, who passed away earlier this year.

"One of our last conversations though was about this day, and what I might say. But I know he's here," Jamison said. 

Jamison says his father was an example to him on how to serve the people through city government. As a current state representative, Jamison says he loves working for the taxpayers and wants to have an open door policy if he's elected mayor.

"Secrecy in government is bad for everybody. Secrecy breeds distrust and can cost the city money," Jamison said. 

Jamison also says he's making roads a priority, by proposing an increase to the road improvement budget. He's also anxious to work with police on the crime rate in the city.

After losing the race once, and then having to work with his competitor in city council, Jamison says he's learned he can handle anything. 

"I have the passion, the experience and the plan to make Sioux Falls even better. Smoother roads ahead, Sioux Falls. Let's get started," Jamison said. 

Jamison joins a long list of candidates for the 2018 race. This includes: Kenny Anderson Jr., Nick Weiland, David Zokaites, Jim Entenman, Mike Gunn, Paul TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher.

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