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March 12, 2018 03:28 PM

Law Governing Use Of Lakes On Private Land Made Permanent

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed a bill to make permanent an expiring law that governs the use of lakes on private land for recreation.

The Republican initially pushed the Legislature to move the law's June expiration to 2021, but lawmakers instead sent him a bill that removed the sunset.

The law passed in a special legislative session last year. It restored access to nearly 30 specific lakes for public recreation hampered after a 2017 state Supreme Court decision.

The law also said lakes on private property are open for recreational use unless a landowner installs signs or buoys saying an area is closed.

Daugaard writes in a column that officials have brought certainty and found an "answer that is working for landowners and sportsmen."

The governor's office says Daugaard signed the bill into law Friday.

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