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January 12, 2018 09:03 PM

Noem Reacts To Trump's Use Of Profanity Words In Describing Haiti And African Countries

Congress woman Kristi Noem is also reacting to the allegations that President Trump used profanity when referring to certain African and Caribbean nations. 

We caught with her in Milbank during a town hall.

"The president has said that he did not say those words. If he did say those words, I certainly would not approve of the language he used. I think that's something people know about me, and they know my heart, and that isn't something I would approve of " Noem said. 

Noem stands by the notion that President Trump denies the use of the language that was reported by the Washington Post. 

It was not a topic of discussion during the town hall, where most farmers and ranchers had questions about the farm bill. 

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