Bucking The Trend Despite Changing Times

By Cooperative Energy Company

All over the Midwest you’ll see cooperative mergers happening more and more frequently. Co-ops exist to benefit the people who use the co-op’s services, rather than to generate profits for outside investors. For example, the average farmers who belong to a supply co-op earn up to $5,000 more per year, according to the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives. Over 31 Counties in Iowa listed one or more co-ops in their top 10 property taxpayers.

 However, according to the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, the number of grain and farm supply co-ops in Iowa has dropped from 210 in 1951, down to just 55 in 2017. Unfortunately, this kind of a drop isn’t happening just in our area. Nationally, the number of grain marketing, supply and service co-ops went from 2,835 in 1990, down to 1,302 in 2010, and is predicted to get as low as just 762 by the year 2020. This is just one variable in our changing times that can have a profound effect on your farm or operation.

One local cooperative is bucking that trend.  Since 1933, Cooperative Energy Company has focused solely on energy, bringing high-quality fuels, propane and lubricants to the farm community. To keep up with the demand, they’ve added over 100 employees in the last decade, operating out of 4 main locations. Even though they have grown, they’ve stayed true to their original mission: to provide excellent services and products in a safe environment that will enhance the profitability of both the patron and the company. “We’ve grown, but we’ve stayed true to our promise. We’re still providing the same high quality, personal service as we did when we had just 12 employees,” says Cooperative Energy Company’s General Manager, Brian Dreessen. “We’ve never lost site of the importance of not just meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

While they may have experienced healthy growth in the last decade, Cooperative Energy is still locally managed, still member owned, still offering the same high-quality energy products, but today, they’re better equipped to serve their customers’ needs. In fact, a large percentage of every dollar spent with Cooperative Energy is also reinvested in you and your community. Cooperative Energy Company is so local in fact, that your fuel guy is likely more than just your fuel guy. There’s a good chance that he’s also your friend and neighbor. 

doug and kevin

Covering much of Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota, Cooperative Energy delivers high-quality Cenex® premium diesel fuels and bulk oils, propane, and diesel exhaust fluid. “Quality service sets us apart from the other companies that do what we do,” says CLT Manager Keith Maxwell. Not only that, but because they’re an energy only co-op, they also bring the energy knowledge, experience and expertise you should expect for all of your energy needs-big and small.  Go to https://www.coopenergyco.com/ and call 1-800-342-7360 if you’re ready for the best energy service in the area.

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