Cataract Surgery: End of Year Planning

By Advertiser Vance Thompson Vision

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As the end of the year approaches, when deductibles are met, flexible savings accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) need to be spent, or you’re heading south for the winter, doctor’s offices typically see an increase in requests for cataract consultations.

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Advancements in technology continue to provide you with better options to meet your desired level of spectacle freedom following your cataract surgery. The doctors at Vance Thompson Vision offer traditional cataract surgery as well as advanced lens and laser options for cataract patients. Their dedicated staff can answer your questions on what would be the appropriate treatment route for you given your desired visual outcomes following your surgery.

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Take advantage of this year’s benefits or start planning for next year. With additional no-interest financing options, you can get the visual freedom you desire following your cataract surgery. Patient happiness starts with patient education. Talk with one of the team members at Vance Thompson Vision today to learn more about your options. Click here or call 1-877-522-EYES (3937) to schedule your consultation 

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